Hey there!

I am Svenja, 20 years old, currently studying in Mannheim. It is my pleasure to share my passions with you on this blog. My major is English, and I have lived in London for one year, therefore I decided to launch this blog in English.

My friends call it a disease because basically everything in nature has to be caught by my camera lense 😀 To me, all things in nature are beautiful. Everything is worth being memorised. I try to live life to the fullest, and catch every memory. I try to always have a positive mindset because I claim that everything happens for a reason, and everything depends on your perspective.

All photos on my blog are taken and edited by me.

I am the first person to reach out to for inspiration or motivation, which is why fitness is another big passion of mine. I basically love all kinds of sports! I’m obsessed with volleyball and football, and for about one year now I also include lifting into my fitness passion.

I am a very bubbly and livly person, which you might have already noticed :D, therefore I tend to overthink a lot. I try to deal with my chaotic thoughts by writing them down.

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You are more than welcome to comment on any of my posts! Don’t be shy reaching out to me for further information, or if you just want to share your ideas/ thoughts with me 🙂

Lots of love,

Svenja xx

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