We all know them. Those situations that just punch you in the face and throw you back hundreds of metres. Those situations that make you feel small again, weak, and helpless. Those situations that you have always feared because deep down you knew they are part of life and sooner or later you will have to face them, at least once in your life. But you would have never expected them to be so painful. You would have never expected them to cut so deep, even though you know that it is not the end. You know that it is not all bad, and you know that there are much more worse things happening in the world right now- but still. You feel as if someone brought you to cloud nine and dropped you from there. You felt happiness, hope, and freedom up there, but they let you go. They didn’t hold you tight enough and just let go.

In most of those cases, the worst thing is that it is not even your fault. Or anybody’s fault. It is time, place, or distance. Something one can not influence. Something one cannot plan or recreate. In life, things do not happen planned. They happen as they come. And they end as they come.

Sometimes everything feels perfect, everything feels fallen into place, and then you fall from the edge. Because there is one thing that is just not right- and that is time. But you cannot influence it. Either it fits, or it doesn’t. And if it doesn’t it breaks you heart. Your world crashes in front of you and you feel small. You feel helpless because there is simply nothing you can do. Just nothing.

Everyone around you always tells you to listen to your heart. To listen to your feelings and emotions and you’ll know what to do. But that’s not true. Sometimes, even your heart can’t tell you what to do. Sometimes, even your heart feels helpless and empty. Because you only had a split second to enjoy the happiness that came with it, and you had to let go too early. But there is nothing you can do. You need to look forward, straight forward, and focus on your goals. You need to redirect your focus on the things you want to achieve in life, with or without a fixed heart.

At least, you got a glimpse of what happiness tastes like when it feels right.

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