Love. One word, four letters. The big impressive word. Some people make a very big deal out of it, some cannot even appreciate the gift of receiving it. But what in the world does this mysterious four-letter word actually mean? Well, I’m guessing if I knew the answer to that question, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post.

For sure, there is more than one kind of love. When you think about it, there’s so many different kinds. But they all have one thing in common: they are so precious. There is no bigger gift one can receive than love. It doesn’t have to be a romantic kind of love, it can also just be a friendship, or family. But the feeling of being loved and giving love to people is unbelievable. Making people happy is something very little which can lead to big changes. I cannot think of anything more fulfilling than sharing my happiness and love with other people. It’s not about giving big presents; what counts are little gestures.  It’s the little things that make the difference.

But why is it sometimes so hard for other people to show love? What often happens to me, is that I expect other people to behave and think the same way as I do. I always thought that everyone had the same attitude towards life as I do. Well, I always used to believe solely in the good of people. So, I thought people would behave the way they wanted to be treated by others; because that is how I stumble through life 😀 Pretty soon I had to find out that it is definitely not the way everyone lives their life.

Still, a little bit love never hurt nobody right? We often take way too many things for granted. We keep things to ourselves and we leave words unspoken, while saying those words or showing those feelings would make people very happy. Spread love and make other people happy, it makes yourself feel so much better. It makes you aware of how precious words are and what differences they can make within relationships. Words are all you need.


Unfortunately, there is one big negativ aspects coming along with giving love, opening up to someone, and letting down your guard. The feeling of disappointment. Personally speaking, it is always the same procedure. Opening up your heart, being happy, getting your hopes up, and then being dropped like a toy. But how do we handle disappointment? Just never opening up again, never letting anyone else in will eventually lead to never being disappointed again. But, that would also lead to not living. It would mean being cowardice. It would mean, you are not strong enough to learn from your mistakes. Of course you can be hurt for a while. But, think back for a second. Has it ever helped you in any way to complain and wine about the things and people that hurt you? The answer you are looking for is NO!

There are only two options: make moves or make excuses. Whenever you fall down, you are allowed to feel hurt. But as soon as you cried out your heart, you continue living your life. You don’t stop believing in the things you’ve believed in before. You don’t stop chasing for what you’ve been chasing for before. The things or people that hurt you are not worth your passions or even your love. It is your life. Don’t let it be destroyed by anyone. Ever.

The photo I chose is one of many from my trip to Austria. When I sat on this bench, I had this amazing view and I was able to look at the big wide world out there. It made me focus on my goals. It made me see the, all clear and it made me realise that I am willing to fight for the things I want.

Lots of love,

Svenja xx

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