Motivation: #neverstopchasingyourdreams

Why do we care so much about our weight, about our looks and our outer appearance? Why is it so important to us to look good for others in order to be fine with ourselves? The answer is because we want to love ourselves truly for who we are. And we are not satisfied with an unfinished version of us. We are only happy with the best. With the best of us and the best of others. But people sometimes forget that it is totally okay not to be “your best version” for a couple of days. You can have bad days, bad weeks, what counts is that you get back on track and remember the reasons why you’ve started. The reasons for becoming exactly that person that you still are deep down inside. Because even after such a downfall, this person doesn’t just disappear. Outstanding people know nothing about you. Not a single thing. They are not allowed to judge anybody in any way if they don’t know them or their personal life at all. It is so annoying to see how I get influenced by people’s judgements that easily. I cannot believe I ever let them control my thoughts, my behaviour and let them succeed in their judgements. It’s crazy when you just think about it. I do whatever I want and whatever I think is best for me and my body. I am an independent person, I don’t need anyone else to decide things for me or make choices for me. I mean, why would I?

And even if you don’t succeed in your passionate hobbies right away, that is totally fine too. But you should never ever stop doing what you love just because people mock you. Just because people don’t believe in your success or if they just clearly don’t understand your goals in life. Why would you base your own beliefs, your own passions on someone else’s beliefs and passions? That doesn’t even make any sense. This is your own life. In the end, you are all alone. In the end, you will have to live with yourself and the life you created yourself.

And how would you feel living a life that is based on what other people like? Indeed, you wouldn’t enjoy it at all. So, stop caring about what other people think and start creating your own things. Start doing what you love, what you admire, what you dream, and what you’ve always wanted. Regardless from them. Regardless from the people, who say that you will never make it and regardless from the people, who mock your hobbies and ask why the hell you are even doing what you do because nobody cares. It is not about them, it is all about you. Because in the end, it’s not them who is living your life. It is you. It has always been you and it will always be you. Only you and nobody else. I must admit that it is sometimes pretty hard for me to always have this attitude. To always stay focussed on my own goals and not drop any of them because people don’t approve. But the closer you get to them, the more you realise how good it is to have them. But guess what, I always think about whether I will eventually even reach my goals. But is that so essentially important? I guess I can’t even answer that myself. But even if I won’t, walking on the path of achieving my goals is satisfaction and happiness enough. It’s a challenge I am willing to agree on taking. And even though I’ve fallen on the ground so many times, and I’ve been disappointed constantly, I still believe that as long as you hold on to your dreams and believe they might someday come true, they will come true. Believe in it and you are halfway there.


The reason for my absence was my skiing trip to Austria. It made me realise how importan it is to focus on your own goals, and to never let anybody talk you down in any way. This is the reason I chose this beautiful photo I took back there. It’s one of my favourite ones because it represents so much magic and calmness.

Lots of love,


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