Fitness: A pretty glow or a lifestyle?

‘Oh, so you’re into fitness? You buy expensive gym outfits and pretend you are living healthily? When you actually do hit the gym, what do you do? Some abs and glutes workout, then hit the treadmill for an hour and leave?’ Who has not heard this phrase before… I hate when people think of me in that way. Especially men think that way about the majority of women who mention going to the gym or counting fitness to one of their hobbies. But fitness is so much more to me.

People often ask me why I go the gym. They ask me why I work out (especially my upper body) that much and why I don’t just cut weight lifting at all. They ask me whether I want to look like a tank, or a bodybuilder any time soon, and as soon as I reject that, they offensively say ‘why the hell do you do it then?’ Well, for starters just listen. This is my life. It is my body and I can do with both whatever the hell I want. Why do you care anyway? You don’t have to live with it. I do. So just care about your own business and don’t bother me with it. Hahahaha no, that’s usually what I think, but would never say. I mean, most of (actually every word of) what I just said is true, but those people mostly don’t mean to be offensive at all, they just really want to know the reason why fitness is such a big part of my life. So, I tell them the genuine truth.

But why?

It fulfils me. Moving, sweating, lifting weights, it gives me power. Willpower, self-confidence, and pride- all those emotions I only used to tell other people to feel I am now feeling myself. It may sound strange, but fitness has actually helped me to build up a certain level of self-love. I might not be at the end of the road yet, but I have improved so much. Moreover, sports helps me organise my thoughts. It helps me clear out my head and deal with my problems in an easier and less stressful way. There is nothing better than lifting all the anger off on a legendary #legday.

Another big impact on my fitness life probably make my workout buddies. My friends, who I have forced into that sports it seemed at first, but then started loving it as much as I do now, make every workout session so much fun. It is crazy how much only their presence pushes me in every session; the funny talks, the laughs we have, and the improvements we make not to mention.

However, the most important thing to mention within all this is that I do it for me. And only me. I guess some people just forget that it is not my friends, my secret crush, or Instagram why I am into fitness. I do it because I want to do it. I would lie if I said that it’s not at all about the appearance. Being honest (everyone in that business will agree with me here I think), as soon as you see results, it kind of because an addiction. You start seeing how much you are capable of, and you start loving challenges. I always say, I like to look like I am into sports for other people. But for sure that is not the only reason, it is only one of many.

So here you have it. The big stereotypical phrase of ‘I am into fitness’ exposed and the real reason of my #fitnesslifestyle being explained.

Let me know how you feel about this topic? Have you come across any stereotypical comments about going to the gym or working out yet?

Have a lovely Christmas break you all ♥

Lots of love,

Svenja xx

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