Have you guys ever thought about where human’s fear comes from? What it actually takes to cause fear? Well I am not so sure myself, but I figured it is mainly linked to the unknown. As soon as we’re about to face a situation that is not familiar to us yet, our mind jumps to the conclusion of being afraid of it. When, in fact, we should be excited. We should jump for joy, curiosity, and we should look forward to experiencing something new. Instead, we crawl up inside a whole and sometimes we vanish that thought or idea we had just because we’re too scared to face it.

Realising that is rather sad. I mean, take a moment to reconsider all the decisions you’ve made in life so far. All the options you had, and all the possibilities you didn’t take just because you were too afraid to try something new. Even if it was just rejecting to buy a different yogurt or milk simply because you are satisfied with the one you always buy and it would be too much of a risk (or fear) of you to try out something new. Or if it were to wear a skirt to Uni for once, but then you change your mind because you always go there in jeans.

Which brings me back to the fact that we care way too much about what others might think. We make decisions based on other’s peoples’ opinions and call it ‘our’ decision. At least for a couple of days in the week we should try and act on our behalf; do things and make decisions based on our needs.

The comfort zone

We need to step out of our comfort zone in order to actually live. It makes you feel strong and powerful, I can tell. And it makes you independent. It separates you from the rest of the boring society that is caught up in all the norms and conventions. It makes you stand out of the crowd, it is what defines you. What makes you individual. It makes you feel alive. I wrote another blog post about society shape a few days ago, have a look if you’re interested in that topic.

The photo I picked kind of represents breaking out of fear for me. The sun is such a great symbol of warmth, curiosity, and new ideas. It enlightens us with new interests, and kind of makes us feel confident and happy.

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