Society shape.

Do you ever feel like you’ve been completely shaped by society? By other peoples’ opinions? When you think about it for once- everything you are today was influenced by society. The rules they made, you obey them. The norms there are, you try to match them. As soon as you don’t walk along that line, you are called an outsider. As soon as you start doing your own damn thing, people give you that strange face. But why?

Who sets those norms? Who gives you the right to give you that strange face just because you are doing your own thing. I mean, isn’t that what life is all about? Doing your own thing, outliving your passions and following your beliefs and your dreams? Think about it for a second: Why on earth would you follow someone else’s passion if you do not share it? Why would you wear that jacket that everyone is wearing if you do not even find it pretty? Just because everyone else is doing it ? God no!! Stay true to yourself and try to match your own image of society, not the one made by others.

“Life is not about finding yourself. It is about creating yourself.” – This is one special quote I always try to remember in everything I do.

Because you know, society pushes you around like tiny little Nemo in a fish bowl. You feel pressured doing your own thing because you feel like you have to explain yourself to “them”. But you do not have to. I always say, you shoud treat other people the same way you want to be treated by them. If someone is yelling at you on the bus without any reason, you should not yell back at them just because you want to make them know how it feels to be yelled at. You don’t like it when people yell at you, so don’t yell at them either. Simple as that. You just have to stand up straight and show what kind of strong, confident, and proud person you have become. That you will be yourself and do your thing no matter what. No matter how many obstacles they put on your path, you will never quit.

“If you fail, stand up, fix your ponytail, and try again.”

At some point in life it is yourself and your life you have to focus on. You have to make decisions based on your well- being and how you feel. You have to place yourself before others for once and think about what is best for you. Because you can choose who you are with, but you have to live with yourself for the rest of your life.

I chose the photo above because I think it expresses a sort of individuality of myself. I personally often feel out of place in this world, due to the society shape I talked about above. I will make sure to write another blog entry about that topic as well. The photo was taken in a very special moment of happiness and friendship, and in the very moment the two of us shared a sense of weirdness and our own crazy individuality.


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  1. I often think about that, too! Last week, I was shopping with two friends. I tried a special jeans with sequin on it. My friends said, I should not buy it, because they didn`t like it. I thinked about what they said, but decided to buy it. Why should I not buy it? Just because they wouldn`t wear it? I bought this special jeans.
    I think that`s the point. Only if we have different opinions and make different things, we can be different from others. It is Okay to be like you want to be!
    Great and important article! Individuality is unfortunately so missed out today…

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    1. Oh I am so happy to hear that!! Thank you so much for your comment- individuality is so extremely important and I cannot understand people who simply give in to that pressure of society. Being unique is what makes us stand out of the crowd, something that is only for ourselves. It makes us so interesting. Imagine how weird it would be if everyone were the same? To get back to your experience from the other day- I am glad that you bought the pair of jeans!! If you liked it, it is exactly what you should wear. Wear it with all your pride and individuality ♥


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