Winter love :)

Who else loves winter? I can imagine that there are only a few people out there who agree with me in the respect that winter is the best season.

But I really hope that with this blog entry I might be able to at least make winter a bit more enjoyable for some of you 😊. I mean, honestly, what is there not to love about winter? Cold temperatures that make your cute little cheeks look red, the amazing fashion that you can wear on cold days, and the cup of tea you’re sipping, while sitting in front of a beautiful fireplace. Not to forget, the best holiday of the year coming closer everyday: CHRISTMAS. People who know me are already familiar with my huge obsession over winter and Christmas. They get annoyed every single year. And this year I let you be part of it :D. Let’s start off with one thing about winter that you can’t influence, and is mostly just disappointing: the weather.

The reason why people don’t like winter is very often connected to the certain weather, which they are used to having around that time of the year. Although I live in Germany (where the weather in winter is usually not that nice:D), I still love winter. Why? Well, because I basically grew up in snow. Since I was three years old, every single year over Christmas and New Year’s we’ve been going on skiing holidays. I learned how to ski before I learned how to walk! So, whenever I think about winter, my thoughts always slide back to all my lovely memories I made in the snow. I think of all the marvellous times with my family and friends in the beautiful mountains. I think of all the funny stories we can tell about the time on the slopes and the ski huts. And I also think about the place we go, the same place every year, where I meet the kindest and loveliest people who know me since I’ve been a little girl, and who always make me feel like home whenever I am there. So, it does not matter how depressingly grey and rainy the weather is in Germany, every year I look forward to winter because I know I will be going to the mountains (and the snow) very soon.

Winter fashion

I am aware that putting on like a thousand layers in winter can be very annoying. But still, there are more things to love than hate about fashion in winter. First of all, the coats and the boots. Ladies, be honest, there is nothing more stylish than a pretty winter coat, which is super soft on the inside, matched with the most gorgeous pair of winter boots. I, personally, am not the biggest fashion girl. I occasionally dress up, but my style is mostly casual and sporty. But in winter, I just love dressing up so much. A black dress with tights, over knee socks, and stylish boots. Or a nice pair of jeans matched with a comfy oversized wool jumper. I don’t think I will ever get tired of dressing up in winter. Now second of all, my favourite winter essentials, bubble hats, gloves, and scarfs. I think I have a little obsession with scarfs and bubble hats, I feel like I have about a hundred of them, and I will never have enough. It is fascinating how much you can pimp your outfit with a scarf or a hat. And it keeps you so warm (and looks really cute).


Finally, I would like to share with you my love and passion for the best holiday of the year. Not only the presents, the advent calendar, or the food are the main things I love about Christmas. It is the atmosphere, the magical spirit that I just adore. The cold, snowy darkness outside, and the cosy atmosphere inside. All the scented candles that make a whole room smell all Christmassy, the fairy lights, and all the cute Christmas decorations that make you wish it was Christmas every day. Of course, not to forget the great Christmas music, which is played every single day in December. Next to all those things, I have left out maybe the most important reason why I love Christmas so much: family. Christmas is a holiday, that makes you appreciate your healthy and beloved family so much. I don’t think there is any day of the year that I appreciate the company and love of my entire family than on Christmas. The holidays have something magical, something that makes you so thankful for everything you have in life.

If you still don’t like winter or Christmas yet, just think about the gorgeous Christmas tree you will have, and all the presents underneath it 😛 ( and don’t forget the ginger bread and all the other yummy food you have on the holidays)

The photo was funnily taken in summer when we decided to see our favourite winter place also in summer for a change.  Yes, we went skiing in summer! It was about 25 degress in the village, but on the glacier it was around 5 degrees. That was a funny experience, but I prefer to ski in winter haha. But still, the landscape is just so stunning, I am in love with the pretty view.

Lots of love,


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