Don’t judge a book by its cover- so cheesy, but true.

Have you ever realised how much people desperately judge you by your look? They assume to know what kind of person you are just by looking at you, they think they know who you are, what you have gone through, and how you are deep down in your heart only by checking out your clothes, your hairstyle and the amount of make-up you wear.

But that is so totally wrong. Barely anyone in this world who sees me during the day knows me at all. Only my friends and family do. They know what I’m really like. They know what I have gone through, how much I have worked for being where I am today. They know my flaws and my perfections. All the other people just know how I am presenting myself to the world. Which sometimes is the exact opposite of how I actually am. Because I am protecting myself.

We sometimes have to protect ourselves in order to not get hurt again. This might often lead to the wrong assumptions, but the ones who really care don’t judge a book by its cover. They dig deeper and want to know you better. And the ones who don’t, clearly don’t deserve you. They don’t deserve getting into your life. Your life is very precious and sometimes you have to put up your defence in order to not let everyone in.

That certain look

But why is there a certain image created by society telling us how to look. Telling us what “pretty” and “not pretty” looks like. These words all depend on the person’s eyes. “Pretty” might be another one’s “okay”.  Everyone has a different opinion about it. And that’s not even the point here. It does not matter how other people might think of the way you look. It matters how you see yourself. Are you happy with yourself? Are you happy with the way you look? If yes, then show it! Show the world how pretty and happy you feel. And if not, well, if you want to change something then do it! But if you feel comfortable in your own body, everything is fine.Don’t you ever dare to change yourself change for someone else. Don’t you ever become a person just in favour of someone, only because they like you better that way. Just because you are not as skinny as your friend you should not start to lose weight. Just because your lips are not as perefct as your friend’s you should not go and see a cosmetic surgent.

Everybody is different. Everybody is unique and beautiful just the way they are.

Different is good. It makes you stand out of the crowd. It makes you extraordinary. Be different. Be weird. That’s what makes you you.

I chose that photo above because it happened within a very spontaneous and totally crazy idea with a good friend of mine. In the middle of the night, we decided to take a two-hours trip to this abosolutely beautiful destiantion to see the sunrise come up (it was in summer so we had to leave at like 2am in the morning :D). Crazy and spontaneous trips like that one just proof how precious it can be to share you own uniqueness with people who appreciate and enjoy that.

Lots of love,

Svenja xx

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