Rest day?

Last week, I kept having rather weak training sessions. That really crushed me in a way… I didn’t know what to do, fitness and training has always been my passion. It has always been my number one priority, everybody knew me as crazy sports girl. And that person suddenly did not enjoy her workouts anymore? The person, that motivates people until they start hating you, was not motivated to go to the gym anymore? I was shattered. What had happened? I tried to think about my training sessions, what I could improve, or expand. Did I have too much weight? Too much cardio? Not enough weights?

Well, one thing I learned from the past, is in situations like this one, it is important to seek inspiration from other people. So I started my computer, opened YouTube and watched some videos from my favourite fitness youtubers. And while I was watching, it struck me. I knew what had happened, and I knew what I had missed all this time.

Variety and new challenges.

That was it I was missing out on in my training sessions! I was caught up in this circle of routine workouts. I mean, it is great having an exact plan with all my exercises for my sessions (btw I train in push, pull, and leg sessions- in case you’re interested, let me know and I’ll write a bit about my routines as well ;)). But I clearly just got bored. I am a very lively person, and I love facing new challenges. And I was lacking exactly that in my workouts. New exercises, new weights, or even if it is just a different cardio warm up.

So, I finally decided to change something, to always vary my cardio warm-up at the beginning, and to always try out at least one new exercise per session. But the most important about this decision was my rest day, that I decided to have in between. It gave me an opportunity to recharge energy. To seek inspiration again, and to think about why I’ve started. To think about why I do sports, why it is my passion. I really think that was the final thought that brought me to my most amazing training session today! I haven’t had such a great workout for so long. It felt so great, and gave me yet again more inspiration to keep going.

So, my advice guys: don’t forget the variety and fun challenges in your workout routines. Plans are great, but it’s variety that keeps you moving and motivated! And never forget to rest. Everyone needs to recharge at some point, that’s totally normal! 😉

Lots of love,

Svenja xx

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