nutritious breakfast: #porridgelover

How often do I come across people asking me how I manage to be energetic and loaded with energy in the mornings? They ask me how I can even think about training in the morning…. And yes guys, that all depends on your food you are having in the mornings- your BREAKFAST!!

There is nothing better than a yummy, quick, and nutritious breakfast in the morning (and of course a large cup of coffee ;)). You will feel so much better, so much more energetic. By having the right breakfast, you do something great for your body and your soul.  And no. That does not mean having the same bowl of porridge every day becomes boring or makes you feel forced to have it. You will have a million choices to pimp up your porridge every single day individually; but we’ll come to that in a second.

Porrdidge. My personal breakfast love. As a fitness lover myself, I try to eat mostly healthyliy. Especially on my gym days, it is very important for me to stay on track with the right nutritions and since I tend to work out in the mornings I just need a good and healthy breakfast in the morning. Rolled oats give you the best kick in the morning and they also make you feel full for a long time. They have a big amount of carbs (which as fitness junkie you know is very important to eat around your training sessions), are short of fat, and have a good amount of protein. For those of you who have a sweet tooth in the mornings as well, porridge is just the perfect choice because it’s got that creamy texture and you can top it off with any sweet toppings you like (all very healthy of course :P)


The recipe is very simple, and basically everyone does their porridge differently. I will just show you how I prefer to do mine.

60 gr rolled oats

some water or milk (or almond/coconut milk)

optional: flavour powder

optional: honey or cinnamon

optional: an apple 

First of all, I take the oats and put then in a saucepan. I add some water, until all my oats are totally covered by the water (the more water you add, the creamier your porridge will be in the end- so don’t shy away from more water, it might be just the way you like it :)). You don’t have to use water, you can also use milk instead. When I don’t feel like adding flavour powder, I sometimes also use almond milk. In the following step, I turn on my stove on the highest level and wait until it starts boiling. At the moment, I love to add half an apple (cut in tiny slices of course ;)) because the slices end up being half cooked, which makes it taste like apple pie!! As soon as it starts boiling, I turn down my stove (a couple of levels) so that it still boils a tiny bit. Then I just wait until the oats have absorbed all the water and until my porridge has exactly the texture that I like. Additionally, I add some flavour drops, usually chocolate, and some cinnamon to my apple-porridge. I usually put some almonds, and the other half of the apple on top, covered up in cinnamon again. I love having this cinnamon-apple pie flavour in winter/ autumn seasons!!

… And ta-daa you have a yummy and nutritious porridge bowl 🙂

BUT: as I said before, you can top your porridge with whatever fruit you feel like! I sometimes add some kaki, or plumbs, or frozen berries! They go great on hot porridge *__* Get some inspirations with my photos!

Enjoy your breakfast and feel great afterwards 🙂

Svenja xx

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