Mannheim & nature? I don’t think so.

For me as ‘nature lover’ it was unbelievably hard to fit into the life of this very, let’s call it special, city Mannheim. Especially because of my passion for nature photography, I felt very disappointed by what the city has to offer.

Back home, I used to live in a small village very close to the forest. I grew up with nature all around me, spending all summer out in our huge garden. I loved going for a run in the forest, or just spending hours there taking beautiful photos. Whenever I had to clear out my head, it was a habit for me to go there. It was like a safe place for me. I would go there, having thousands of thoughts spinning around in my head, and I would leave with all my problems being (mostly) solved. Everything seemed to automatically fall into place, my chaotic thoughts got organised, and I always felt so clearer about my whole life.

When I decided to move to Mannheim to study, I didn’t know what was expecting me at first. To be honest, I never thought there’d even exist a city without any forest nearby. Well, I guess I’ve never been to Mannheim before then.

Surrounded by old and rusty industrial buildings, I have to admit that I felt very lost at first. I didn’t fit in here. I convinced myself that I just didn’t belong here. Me, as someone who adores and appreciates nature’s beauty in the strongest possible way, now has to live in a city, that is basically covered in railways. No pretty hills or mountains, no forest, no landscape to carry you away. Only busy roads, rude cyclists, and dodgy street corners. But after a while, I figured that you only have to know your way around and you will eventually find some very beautiful spots.

There is one place in Mannheim, which turned out to become a kind of secret hideaway for me: The ‘Luisenpark’. It is a beautiful big park with many pretty flowers, and especially in summer it is the perfect place to get lost for a while and let got of all the struggles you seem to have.

What caught my eye the most when I first came here was the river Rhein. On hot summer days, or beautiful days in autumn it is so magical walking by the riverside. Obviously, you can’t find as many pretty spots as where I am from, mainly because there is no forest nearby. But have a look at my photo, and tell me it doesn’t look stunning!!

This blog entry is part of a great seminar I took at my university on the weekend. The ‘topic’ Mannheim was the first one we had to write about. Therefore, not only me, but some other new bloggers have written about Mannheim.

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2 thoughts on “Mannheim & nature? I don’t think so.

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  1. Hi!
    Dein Eintrag hat mich sehr berührt, denn ich empfinde in Mannheim ähnlich. Ich freue mich schon auf weitere Beiträge und Entdeckungen, die Du in Mannheim machen wirst und mit uns Lesern teilst!


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