The scary, unknown future

I have to think about the future a lot lately. What is going to happen in a few years time? Will I actually achieve the things I am aiming for in the present? Will all the effort be worth it?


On the one hand, I do feel very excited about the future. I mean honestly, who does not love to imagine the super cool adult life where you are sipping coffee with your adult friends, while your husbands play football wth your kids. Or a super successful working carreer in a company making all your dreams come true. The thought of building a house for your family, being pregnant at the same time as your best friend, or raising your own children, these are things I look forward to so much.

It is the thought of actually living your life. Of creating it. Of making your own little memories your can later tell your children and grandchildren about. It is being able to work on your own projects in life, succeeding in them, and working yourself up what keeps it interesting and exciting.


But then on the other hand, there is this huge part of fear. The fear of failure. The fear of confusion and misleadings. I am often afraid that I will never find the right job for me. I am worried that, eventually, I will end up working for a big company that will not make me happy. I am worried that I will never end up having my own children because I might never find the love of my life. What if I will never be able to fulfill all of my dreams and goals? What if I end up alone without any job?

But as soon as these thoughts pop up in my mind, I try not to let them get to me that much. Because listen: There are like what 8 million people on this planet? And so so many people felt exactly the same as we are right now. They had to go through all of that, too and most of them made it.

We should always make the best out of every situation, no matter what. Even if you have absolutely no idea what you are going to do with your life right now, just live. Don’t waste all your energy on worrying for the future. Be excited about the things you don’t know yet because at some point they will come to you. Mostly when you least expect them.

So never lose your hope even if life is going a completely different way right now than you want it to be in the future. It might turn out to be completely the other way around again in one year.

Lots of love,

Svenja xx

Winter love :)

Who else loves winter? I can imagine that there are only a few people out there who agree with me in the respect that winter is the best season.

But I really hope that with this blog entry I might be able to at least make winter a bit more enjoyable for some of you 😊. I mean, honestly, what is there not to love about winter? Cold temperatures that make your cute little cheeks look red, the amazing fashion that you can wear on cold days, and the cup of tea you’re sipping, while sitting in front of a beautiful fireplace. Not to forget, the best holiday of the year coming closer everyday: CHRISTMAS. People who know me are already familiar with my huge obsession over winter and Christmas. They get annoyed every single year. And this year I let you be part of it :D. Let’s start off with one thing about winter that you can’t influence, and is mostly just disappointing: the weather.

The reason why people don’t like winter is very often connected to the certain weather, which they are used to having around that time of the year. Although I live in Germany (where the weather in winter is usually not that nice:D), I still love winter. Why? Well, because I basically grew up in snow. Since I was three years old, every single year over Christmas and New Year’s we’ve been going on skiing holidays. I learned how to ski before I learned how to walk! So, whenever I think about winter, my thoughts always slide back to all my lovely memories I made in the snow. I think of all the marvellous times with my family and friends in the beautiful mountains. I think of all the funny stories we can tell about the time on the slopes and the ski huts. And I also think about the place we go, the same place every year, where I meet the kindest and loveliest people who know me since I’ve been a little girl, and who always make me feel like home whenever I am there. So, it does not matter how depressingly grey and rainy the weather is in Germany, every year I look forward to winter because I know I will be going to the mountains (and the snow) very soon.

Winter fashion

I am aware that putting on like a thousand layers in winter can be very annoying. But still, there are more things to love than hate about fashion in winter. First of all, the coats and the boots. Ladies, be honest, there is nothing more stylish than a pretty winter coat, which is super soft on the inside, matched with the most gorgeous pair of winter boots. I, personally, am not the biggest fashion girl. I occasionally dress up, but my style is mostly casual and sporty. But in winter, I just love dressing up so much. A black dress with tights, over knee socks, and stylish boots. Or a nice pair of jeans matched with a comfy oversized wool jumper. I don’t think I will ever get tired of dressing up in winter. Now second of all, my favourite winter essentials, bubble hats, gloves, and scarfs. I think I have a little obsession with scarfs and bubble hats, I feel like I have about a hundred of them, and I will never have enough. It is fascinating how much you can pimp your outfit with a scarf or a hat. And it keeps you so warm (and looks really cute).


Finally, I would like to share with you my love and passion for the best holiday of the year. Not only the presents, the advent calendar, or the food are the main things I love about Christmas. It is the atmosphere, the magical spirit that I just adore. The cold, snowy darkness outside, and the cosy atmosphere inside. All the scented candles that make a whole room smell all Christmassy, the fairy lights, and all the cute Christmas decorations that make you wish it was Christmas every day. Of course, not to forget the great Christmas music, which is played every single day in December. Next to all those things, I have left out maybe the most important reason why I love Christmas so much: family. Christmas is a holiday, that makes you appreciate your healthy and beloved family so much. I don’t think there is any day of the year that I appreciate the company and love of my entire family than on Christmas. The holidays have something magical, something that makes you so thankful for everything you have in life.

If you still don’t like winter or Christmas yet, just think about the gorgeous Christmas tree you will have, and all the presents underneath it 😛 ( and don’t forget the ginger bread and all the other yummy food you have on the holidays)

The photo was funnily taken in summer when we decided to see our favourite winter place also in summer for a change.  Yes, we went skiing in summer! It was about 25 degress in the village, but on the glacier it was around 5 degrees. That was a funny experience, but I prefer to ski in winter haha. But still, the landscape is just so stunning, I am in love with the pretty view.

Lots of love,


Don’t judge a book by its cover- so cheesy, but true.

Have you ever realised how much people desperately judge you by your look? They assume to know what kind of person you are just by looking at you, they think they know who you are, what you have gone through, and how you are deep down in your heart only by checking out your clothes, your hairstyle and the amount of make-up you wear.

But that is so totally wrong. Barely anyone in this world who sees me during the day knows me at all. Only my friends and family do. They know what I’m really like. They know what I have gone through, how much I have worked for being where I am today. They know my flaws and my perfections. All the other people just know how I am presenting myself to the world. Which sometimes is the exact opposite of how I actually am. Because I am protecting myself.

We sometimes have to protect ourselves in order to not get hurt again. This might often lead to the wrong assumptions, but the ones who really care don’t judge a book by its cover. They dig deeper and want to know you better. And the ones who don’t, clearly don’t deserve you. They don’t deserve getting into your life. Your life is very precious and sometimes you have to put up your defence in order to not let everyone in.

That certain look

But why is there a certain image created by society telling us how to look. Telling us what “pretty” and “not pretty” looks like. These words all depend on the person’s eyes. “Pretty” might be another one’s “okay”.  Everyone has a different opinion about it. And that’s not even the point here. It does not matter how other people might think of the way you look. It matters how you see yourself. Are you happy with yourself? Are you happy with the way you look? If yes, then show it! Show the world how pretty and happy you feel. And if not, well, if you want to change something then do it! But if you feel comfortable in your own body, everything is fine.Don’t you ever dare to change yourself change for someone else. Don’t you ever become a person just in favour of someone, only because they like you better that way. Just because you are not as skinny as your friend you should not start to lose weight. Just because your lips are not as perefct as your friend’s you should not go and see a cosmetic surgent.

Everybody is different. Everybody is unique and beautiful just the way they are.

Different is good. It makes you stand out of the crowd. It makes you extraordinary. Be different. Be weird. That’s what makes you you.

I chose that photo above because it happened within a very spontaneous and totally crazy idea with a good friend of mine. In the middle of the night, we decided to take a two-hours trip to this abosolutely beautiful destiantion to see the sunrise come up (it was in summer so we had to leave at like 2am in the morning :D). Crazy and spontaneous trips like that one just proof how precious it can be to share you own uniqueness with people who appreciate and enjoy that.

Lots of love,

Svenja xx

Rest day?

Last week, I kept having rather weak training sessions. That really crushed me in a way… I didn’t know what to do, fitness and training has always been my passion. It has always been my number one priority, everybody knew me as crazy sports girl. And that person suddenly did not enjoy her workouts anymore? The person, that motivates people until they start hating you, was not motivated to go to the gym anymore? I was shattered. What had happened? I tried to think about my training sessions, what I could improve, or expand. Did I have too much weight? Too much cardio? Not enough weights?

Well, one thing I learned from the past, is in situations like this one, it is important to seek inspiration from other people. So I started my computer, opened YouTube and watched some videos from my favourite fitness youtubers. And while I was watching, it struck me. I knew what had happened, and I knew what I had missed all this time.

Variety and new challenges.

That was it I was missing out on in my training sessions! I was caught up in this circle of routine workouts. I mean, it is great having an exact plan with all my exercises for my sessions (btw I train in push, pull, and leg sessions- in case you’re interested, let me know and I’ll write a bit about my routines as well ;)). But I clearly just got bored. I am a very lively person, and I love facing new challenges. And I was lacking exactly that in my workouts. New exercises, new weights, or even if it is just a different cardio warm up.

So, I finally decided to change something, to always vary my cardio warm-up at the beginning, and to always try out at least one new exercise per session. But the most important about this decision was my rest day, that I decided to have in between. It gave me an opportunity to recharge energy. To seek inspiration again, and to think about why I’ve started. To think about why I do sports, why it is my passion. I really think that was the final thought that brought me to my most amazing training session today! I haven’t had such a great workout for so long. It felt so great, and gave me yet again more inspiration to keep going.

So, my advice guys: don’t forget the variety and fun challenges in your workout routines. Plans are great, but it’s variety that keeps you moving and motivated! And never forget to rest. Everyone needs to recharge at some point, that’s totally normal! 😉

Lots of love,

Svenja xx

nutritious breakfast: #porridgelover

How often do I come across people asking me how I manage to be energetic and loaded with energy in the mornings? They ask me how I can even think about training in the morning…. And yes guys, that all depends on your food you are having in the mornings- your BREAKFAST!!

There is nothing better than a yummy, quick, and nutritious breakfast in the morning (and of course a large cup of coffee ;)). You will feel so much better, so much more energetic. By having the right breakfast, you do something great for your body and your soul.  And no. That does not mean having the same bowl of porridge every day becomes boring or makes you feel forced to have it. You will have a million choices to pimp up your porridge every single day individually; but we’ll come to that in a second.

Porrdidge. My personal breakfast love. As a fitness lover myself, I try to eat mostly healthyliy. Especially on my gym days, it is very important for me to stay on track with the right nutritions and since I tend to work out in the mornings I just need a good and healthy breakfast in the morning. Rolled oats give you the best kick in the morning and they also make you feel full for a long time. They have a big amount of carbs (which as fitness junkie you know is very important to eat around your training sessions), are short of fat, and have a good amount of protein. For those of you who have a sweet tooth in the mornings as well, porridge is just the perfect choice because it’s got that creamy texture and you can top it off with any sweet toppings you like (all very healthy of course :P)


The recipe is very simple, and basically everyone does their porridge differently. I will just show you how I prefer to do mine.

60 gr rolled oats

some water or milk (or almond/coconut milk)

optional: flavour powder

optional: honey or cinnamon

optional: an apple 

First of all, I take the oats and put then in a saucepan. I add some water, until all my oats are totally covered by the water (the more water you add, the creamier your porridge will be in the end- so don’t shy away from more water, it might be just the way you like it :)). You don’t have to use water, you can also use milk instead. When I don’t feel like adding flavour powder, I sometimes also use almond milk. In the following step, I turn on my stove on the highest level and wait until it starts boiling. At the moment, I love to add half an apple (cut in tiny slices of course ;)) because the slices end up being half cooked, which makes it taste like apple pie!! As soon as it starts boiling, I turn down my stove (a couple of levels) so that it still boils a tiny bit. Then I just wait until the oats have absorbed all the water and until my porridge has exactly the texture that I like. Additionally, I add some flavour drops, usually chocolate, and some cinnamon to my apple-porridge. I usually put some almonds, and the other half of the apple on top, covered up in cinnamon again. I love having this cinnamon-apple pie flavour in winter/ autumn seasons!!

… And ta-daa you have a yummy and nutritious porridge bowl 🙂

BUT: as I said before, you can top your porridge with whatever fruit you feel like! I sometimes add some kaki, or plumbs, or frozen berries! They go great on hot porridge *__* Get some inspirations with my photos!

Enjoy your breakfast and feel great afterwards 🙂

Svenja xx

Mannheim & nature? I don’t think so.

For me as ‘nature lover’ it was unbelievably hard to fit into the life of this very, let’s call it special, city Mannheim. Especially because of my passion for nature photography, I felt very disappointed by what the city has to offer.

Back home, I used to live in a small village very close to the forest. I grew up with nature all around me, spending all summer out in our huge garden. I loved going for a run in the forest, or just spending hours there taking beautiful photos. Whenever I had to clear out my head, it was a habit for me to go there. It was like a safe place for me. I would go there, having thousands of thoughts spinning around in my head, and I would leave with all my problems being (mostly) solved. Everything seemed to automatically fall into place, my chaotic thoughts got organised, and I always felt so clearer about my whole life.

When I decided to move to Mannheim to study, I didn’t know what was expecting me at first. To be honest, I never thought there’d even exist a city without any forest nearby. Well, I guess I’ve never been to Mannheim before then.

Surrounded by old and rusty industrial buildings, I have to admit that I felt very lost at first. I didn’t fit in here. I convinced myself that I just didn’t belong here. Me, as someone who adores and appreciates nature’s beauty in the strongest possible way, now has to live in a city, that is basically covered in railways. No pretty hills or mountains, no forest, no landscape to carry you away. Only busy roads, rude cyclists, and dodgy street corners. But after a while, I figured that you only have to know your way around and you will eventually find some very beautiful spots.

There is one place in Mannheim, which turned out to become a kind of secret hideaway for me: The ‘Luisenpark’. It is a beautiful big park with many pretty flowers, and especially in summer it is the perfect place to get lost for a while and let got of all the struggles you seem to have.

What caught my eye the most when I first came here was the river Rhein. On hot summer days, or beautiful days in autumn it is so magical walking by the riverside. Obviously, you can’t find as many pretty spots as where I am from, mainly because there is no forest nearby. But have a look at my photo, and tell me it doesn’t look stunning!!

This blog entry is part of a great seminar I took at my university on the weekend. The ‘topic’ Mannheim was the first one we had to write about. Therefore, not only me, but some other new bloggers have written about Mannheim.

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